A Coalition of Informed Activated Citizens

Get trained in a specific strategy called, “Mind the Gap” where you will learn effective communication strategies to help those you know who have different values begin to understand the challenges that parents and children are facing in our confusing culture.

About Us

Our Goal: Informed, well-organized, effective action.

Educate: Understanding the Founding Documents of our Nation and the principles that guided their development is essential for citizens to understand basic rights and duties as Citizens. From time to time there are also practical issues that are important to Washington State citizens. To that end, One Washington provides educational opportunities for citizen groups, faith communities, as well as links to helpful resources.

Organize: Since our State and nation are founded on the premise “We the people,” every individual voice in this Constitutional Republic is important to the proper working of our Government – locally, State-wide, and Nationally. Even so, collective action can increase Individual effectiveness. One Washington helps State citizens organize in their local community, region, and/or across the State to multiply effectiveness.

Activate: People who care about issues affecting their families and communities often feel overwhelmed and ask, “What can I do?” In addition to the previous two objectives, the ultimate objective of One Washington is to be a catalyst for action by proposing practical steps people can implement to support and protect their basic God-given Constitutional rights. 

Upcoming Events

Vaccine Mandate Workshop

Washington State has mandated fully COVID-19 vaccination for all state employees, health workers, and education workers. Religious exemptions are allowed. This workshop will give you the tools and encouragement you need to request your exemption in front of your employer. 

Areas of Interest

How we accomplish our mission


One Washington provides educational opportunities for citizen groups, faith communities, as well as links to helpful resources. 

Law Enforcement

One Washington affirms that “an unenforced law becomes mere advice.” We value and support appropriate law enforcement at local, county, and state levels. 

Social Justice

We affirm that all men and women are created equal and that, as such, should be treated accordingly under the law so as to be free to exercise their inalienable rights as citizens.


We believe the US and Washington State constitutions take priority over all Washington State government actions and establish corresponding citizens’ rights and responsibilities. 


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Parental Bill of Rights

Initiative 2081 will provide parents with 15 specific rights which includes the ability to review educational materials, receive certain notifications and opt out of sexual health education. This voter initiative passed with overwhelming support in the legislature on Monday. The new law will abate confusion and cement the rights of parents and will prevent school districts from mistreating parents seeking information.

"We are proud that One Washington’s advocacy efforts - and especially those of you that made your voices heard - successfully united Washington parents across our state and across the political spectrum to stand up for our children and opposed to those who believe government should have a role in how we raise our kids.

Together, we achieved a major political victory. Together, we've created greater protections for our children. Through our continued efforts together , we will make our state One Washington."