Please Express Your Support Now
for the "Parental Bill of Rights"
Initiative 2081


Great News: 454,372 signatures of Washington State Citizens were turned in to the Secretary of State's Office in support of Initiative 2081

The language of this Initiative, if passed into law by the majority of the members of the Washington State Legislature, will establish the State's first
Parental Bill of Rights
Also, if it is approved, the language of the Initiative will become law without requiring the Governor's signature... and... based on the rules regarding the Initiative process, if it is passed by the Legislature, the Governor cannot veto it.


We are so grateful for the leadership of the non-profit organization, "Let's Go Washington" that has successfully spearheaded the drive to gather more than enough signatures to submit Initiative 2081 to the Washington State Legislature.

As a result of their effort, it is now in the hands of our elected representatives to vote to adopt the language that is proposed by Initiative 2081 into law.

According to our sources, it is likely that legislative leadership could attempt to craft an alternative version that does NOT support parents and children. To prevent this, we must organize a collective response to promote this critical Initiative - as written.


Now is the time to contact your two State Representatives and your State Senator and ask each of them to...
"Please support passage of Initiative 2081"

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UPDATE: This initiative is being heard for public testimony in the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee on February 28th at 8am.

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